Removing your dough

We all have to remove our dough from the container that we bulked our dough in. If you’re new to baking or even three years in like me, you won’t be able to do one of those beautiful dough dumps like @campbell2664 is famous for. It takes practice, patience, and perseverance to get to that point. You need to be able to work with really wet dough which is a skill that you develop as you learn this craft.

If you’re only making enough dough for one loaf of bread, I like to dip my fingertips in dusting flour (50% rice flour / 50% white flour). I use my fingertips and gently go around the perimeter of the dough loosening it from the container and lifting it up a little. You want to do this fairly firmly and quickly which helps keep the dough from sticking to your fingers. If I feel like the dough is getting sticky, I dip my fingertips back in my dusting flour.

For multiple loaves of bread, I take some dusting flour and dust it around the perimeter of the dough getting some on the dough and the edge of my container. I then take my bench knife and quickly push it down all around the perimeter of the container. You want to push it down and pull it up firmly and quickly so that the dough doesn’t stick to it. If it sticks, I’ve noticed that I’m not pushing down as vertically as possible or I haven’t dusted the surface of the dough enough around the edges.

After each of these methods, I turn my container over and let the dough release itself. It normally comes out fairly easily. If it doesn’t, I’ll dust my fingertips again and try to loosen the dough that’s sticking.