After Years of Demand and Anticipation, the Challenger Bread Pan is Released Worldwide

First-to-Market Black Cast Iron Pan Created by Bread Bakers for Bread Bakers

CHICAGO, September 4, 2019 - More than 3,000 home bakers have asked for it, and after years of diligent research, development, and support from home and professional bread bakers from around the globe, the first-to-market Challenger Bread Pan has been introduced, and is now available worldwide.

Jim Challenger, a serial entrepreneur and avid sourdough bread baker, invented the Challenger Bread Pan to the delight of his 13,000 Instagram followers (@jimchall), many being bakers searching for the ideal solution to bake the perfect loaf of bread in conventional ovens.

Home bakers, small craft bakeries, and restaurants have long struggled to bake the perfect loaf of bread in conventional ovens. To bake bread with a thin, crisp crust and a delicious, moist crumb requires steam. Unfortunately, conventional ovens are designed to release steam. And, while experts like Chad Robertson, author of Tartine Bread, have long urged bakers to bake with a covered black cast iron pan, there has never before been a product that allows the baker to easily set the dough on a hot surface and then surround the bread with steam during baking.

Challenger Bread Pan’s flat, black cast iron base, measuring 15.4” by 10.2” (290mm by 260mm), is designed to make it easy to load the dough. Each pan can accommodate boules, bâtards, demi-baguettes, dinner rolls, fougasse, and many other popular bread shapes. Its cast iron cover fits snugly over the base, trapping the steam needed for moist interiors and crisp crusts. With the cover having 5” (127mm) internal clearance, the Challenger Bread Pan has enough space for large, beautiful loaves. And, unlike traditional covered cast iron pans, this pan is shaped and designed specifically for baking bread.

“There’s nothing on the market quite like Jim’s bread pan,” said Kristen (@fullproofbaking), sourdough bread baker, recipe developer, and Instagram influencer. “Home bread makers can now bake the perfect loaf using their everyday ovens.”

Jim Challenger founded Challenger Breadware as a company to commercialize the Challenger Bread Pan worldwide. Jim got crucial input from expert bakers from around the world to help fine-tune the details of his bread pan, and generated avid prelaunch support from the global Instagram sourdough community.

“This is a beautifully-designed pan, perfect for 900g boules and bâtards with room to spare,” said Mike Hilburn of The Sourdough Podcast. “I no longer have to use a circular or oval-shaped Dutch oven. The added thermal mass of the pan’s thicker walls makes for more heat retention and a better bake. The heavy-domed lid and low-profile bottom make a great seal, keeping the steam right where you want it.”

The Challenger Bread Pan is available worldwide immediately for order at at an introductory price of $185 plus shipping.

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