Challenger Bench Knife


Creating a beautiful loaf of bread requires the utmost care and handling. So to help you get the best results possible, the Challenger Bench Knife was developed in collaboration with fellow baker Campbell MacFarlane and artisanal wood craftsman Aaron Lucas. It’s truly the only bench knife you’ll ever need.

The wide and deep blade lets you gently manage different amounts of dough when moving from bench to banneton. And because it’s nonstick, our knife releases your dough effortlessly, preventing any damage to the gluten structure you work so hard to maintain. Our knife also makes your pasta, pie crust, and pizza dough a pleasure to work with.

The beautiful wood handle is made from spalted Live Oak that was sustainably harvested from a downed tree on Wadmalaw Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The Challenger Bench Knife feels like a comfortable, natural extension of your hand.

Made in the UK and USA.

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Bench knife measures 5.5″ x 8” (14cm x 20cm)

Nonstick blade measures 4″ x 8″ (10cm x 20cm)

Blade thickness is .035” (.9mm)

The nonstick coating is an FDA-approved, food safe PTFE

Spalted Live Oak

Like the Challenger Bread Pan, the Challenger Bench Knife was specifically designed by bakers for bakers. It is exquisitely handcrafted from the finest materials and will become an heirloom to make beautiful bread for generations to come.

Simply wipe the nonstick blade with a damp, soft cloth after each use. You may occasionally wash the knife with gentle dish soap and water; just make sure to thoroughly dry both the blade and the handle before storing. Never soak your knife in water nor put in a dishwasher.

You may also use a soft cloth to rub mineral oil or linseed oil to revive the beauty and smooth finish of your spalted Live Oak handle.

With proper care, your Challenger Bench Knife will last for generations.