Sunmix Mixer

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Sunmix mixers, exclusively distributed by Challenger Breadware in the United States, are designed specifically to mix dough. The spiral mixing arm rotates in unison with the rotating bowl, working the dough gently throughout the mix. These mixers are strong enough for stiff doughs like bagels, and gentle enough for pizza dough and the wet, high hydration doughs that produce a Tartine-style open crumb. Sunmix mixers are perfect for the home baker, baking schools, cottage bakeries, and restaurants.

  • Mixing capacity: 6, 10, or 15 kg, depending on the model
  • High-resistance stainless steel bowl, spiral arm, and breaker bar
  • Stainless steel safety guard
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearing transmission
  • 110 volt plug
  • 12 month warranty
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6 kg
Max Dough Weight6 kg
Min Dough Weight500g
Weight:68 lbs
Width:11 in
Depth:19 in
Height:15 in
Price (Shipping Included)$1,295
10 kg
Max Dough Weight10 kg
Min Dough Weight500 g
Weight:77 lbs
Width:12 in
Depth:20 in
Height:18 in
Price (Shipping Included)$1,495
15 kg
Max Dough Weight15 kb
Min Dough Weight500 g
Weight:81 lbs
Width:13 in
Depth:21 in
Height:18 in
Price (Shipping Included)$1,695

Made in Italy, this new range of Sunmix spiral mixers for artisan bakers has been launched based on 40+ years of experience in the bread machinery sector. These strong, reliable mixers have a low friction factor to minimize the amount of heat transferred to the dough. The stationary breaker bar is positioned near the spiral arm to break up the dough and prevent it from riding up the spiral. These combined features provide a mixer that minimizes dough punishment and oxidation.

The variable speed knob allows you to control how slow or fast you want to develop the gluten in your dough. Whatever type of dough you’re mixing,  these mixers will help you develop smooth, shiny, and well-developed dough that’s ideally ready to begin bulk fermentation. Plus, the open design of the stainless steel safety guards lets you easily add salt or water while the mixer is running.

Many bakers today want to increase the amount of bread they make for their friends, family, and customers. Although larger amounts of dough can be hand-mixed, bakers find our mixers helpful in developing gluten reliably and efficiently.

You won’t find a better mixer to help you make the kind of artisan bread that you’ve been dreaming of.

Cleanup is a breeze. Soon after removing your dough, turn the mixer off and simply use a wet towel to wipe the bowl.